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Jordie playing a great gig at the Green Note last night, plenty of laughs too  (at Green Note)

Come down


The noise inside my head

Is so loud

It overwhelms.

Everything else is blurred

From the ringing, and the vibration that is

My uncertainty

The reverb of my thoughts

Is a pastiche.

I am not the only one

Alone in the mire

When the imminent time

Seems to draw itself close,

The swinging metal hands

Edging nearer -

A metronome

e presto

Perplexing, stifling and injuring the mind.


From the prism




You hold the mechanism

In your hands of flesh

Time itself is not.


But what you choose

To do with it is

Christmas morning cuddles with my main man Ringo. #Christmasinthecountryside (at Uley Village)

Because I’m a woman

I smile with my whole face
And I weep with my whole heart

Need a dog, reliable, loyal, downright fuckn awesome


I’m so angry

I’m angry for us all

All the misguided fools

Who toil and toil again

I’m angry because it never changes

And I know it never


I’m angry that I found out

And that I can never be

Bliss -

Fully ignorant again

I’m angry enough to want to climb

To the very top of the roof

And scream into the night

And howl at the moon

Because I’m angry

And I’m young

And I’m angry too soon